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Re: Qmail blocked once again - this time by the FTP masters

	Hello Joerg,

On Tue, 08 Jul 2008 00:40:34 +0200 Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Wrong, its not stuck, its rejected. please check the facts before you
> waste other peoples time with such a mail, thanks. Especially leader@
> and also debian-publicity are *the* *wrong* place for it.

I've checked the facts.
If you've replied to the maintainer, why there hasn't been a CC to the ITP 
bug ?
The two mails the maintainer sent you were unanswered.

I wonder why there's no date in your quote of the reply to the maintainer. 
When it has been submitted ?
Gerrit should have updated his page[1] by now if the response was on time.

And which is *the* *right* place to send the email when there is no response 
to a Debian developer from one of the Debian teams for over two months ?

The comment on the technical issues you've pointed I leave to the maintainer.

As for your opinion whether Qmail should be included in Debian, its security 
support and it technical state, I would only quote from the ITP:

"Whether or not it's [Qmail] a good MTA, the fact is that it's a *popular* 
MTA. That alone should be a good reason to package it."

Or may be you think e.g. tux-racer [2] is far more important software for 

  [1] http://smarden.org/pape/Debian/sid.html
  [2] My apologies to the authors of tux-racer. I do not want to offend them 
in any way. :-)


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