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What to do with my how-tos

I wrote a howto site and I am wondering about how to make the most out
of it. I am hoping you can advise me on my next step. 

I built a computer cluster from Debian packages in my garden shed. To
satisfy some deep-seated need that I haven't yet managed to fathom, it's
a project I have spent much of my spare time on for the last few years.
You can see the cluster load balancing in action by reloading
http://planetlarg.dyndns.org/host.htm. This link may not work: I turn
the cluster off at night (that's GMT time zone night) to lessen the
stress on my electricity bill (and, by association, my marriage). 

I documented the whole process and explained everything I could think of
on my web site (http://www.planetlarg.net/idc/index.htm). The site gets
enough visits each day to make me feel wanted. 

I am considering what to do next. Here are a few ideas I've come up
with. I have no idea which is best. 

* Talk to the editor of a sysadmin site: would they be interested in a
new set of howtos, perhaps on how to build a simple LAMP cluster?
* Port my hundreds of pages to a wiki and see if interest magically
appears? And what about wikibooks? 
* Push the design, perhaps to a hardware manufacturer who would like
something to showcase? This idea is vague beyond belief. 

Can you help me figure out my next move? Or can you show me the way to
someone who can? 

Many thanks, 

Nick Hardiman, senior analyst, e-commerce support
0117 373 4684     (internal only: 678 4684)
0797 483 0034     (internal only: 611 0034)

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