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[DRAFT FOR REVIEW]Debian GNU / Linux Suite Telecentro helps to include 4 million users yearly into the digital society

Please, review, correct and improve the proposed draft [0], reproduced
The contributions should be done directly [1] at the draft [0] and
debates at this mailing list.
What is the correct form to refer to people with physical disabilities
into a public statement?
(English is not my native language....)
Also, it may be worth to choose a better and shorter title.
The draft is open for contributions until Wednesday the 7th of May 2008,
18:00 GMT.
Andre Felipe

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/DebianTimesTeam/Guidelines

Debian GNU / Linux Suite Telecentro helps to include millions users
yearly into the digital society

The brazilian Debian GNU / Linux Suite Telecentro is the custom solution
for using at the Digital Inclusion Program of Banco do Brasil, used at
around 2000 telecentres and computer rooms. The program is country wide
through various partners as local communities and Non Governmental
Organizations. The program is already at 953 cities, with more than
40000 donated computers, 2900 instructors trained, four groups of
"people with special needs"(1) trained in advaced Java, and more than 4
millions annually benefited low-income users. 

With 646,000 total downloads at its brazilian development site on Codigo
Livre, the customized Debian GNU / Linux Suite Telecentro is at the top
5 projects among the 1934 hosted. 

The Suite Telecentro, for use at telecentres, allows the utilisation of
old low-end computer hardware as terminals for LTSP servers. Through
this technology, a telecentre needs only a machine with better processor
and memory, where all softwares will be executed. The less capable ones
act only as graphical interfaces. 

Gilson Jardim, Free Software Digital Inclusion Team, Banco do Brasil IT
Board, stated in an interview to Debian Times that the Suite Telecentro
project chose Debian GNU / Linux as its foundation because of the Debian
Project commitment to Free Libre Software, and the documentation quality
that allows easy customization of the Debian Installer. The main
advantages of using Debian GNU / Linux for Suite Telecentro are the easy
system, packages and services installation, upgrade and configuration,
the stability and the security. 

The stable version contains the KDE graphical environment which runs
over LTSP. The user could remotely execute the office suite
OpenOffice.org, the Firefox web browser and the bitmap graphical editor

The Suite Telecentro also includes the telecentre management software
Ocara, developed by the IT department of Banco do Brasil (which already
migrated 50000 desktops and 15000 ATMs to GNU / Linux, 90000
OpenOffice.org installations and is a big user of PostgreSQL with
Sequoia), and its dependencies ( Apache, MySQL, PHP). 

The latest stable version, 1.1-7, was developed on Debian GNU / Linux
3.1 Sarge. The next version 2.0 is upcoming. At April 2008, the Beta
10-8 version is available for download. The new features over previous
stable version are: 

      * Based on Debian GNU / Linux 4.0 Etch operating system. 
      * Gnome graphical desktop environment 
      * Very simplified instalation process 
      * MediaWiki 
      * The "menu_telecentro" script, with options to create boot
        diskettes, enable and configure remote terminals (video, mouse,
        swap configurations and reconfigurations), modify MySQL

(1)people with physical disabilities.

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