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Re: debian publicity team / draft area / guidelines

Thanks for the contribution.

> Again, while wikis are great for editing, they are not so great for
> attracting people to actually look at the pages, unless they are
> subscribed.
> So it would've been niced if you had posted the draft Guidelines here
> and welcomed edits here or on the wiki, or both.
I am trying to minimize duplicated efforts and consistency checks. A
central point for collaborative editing is much more scalable than
working by email with 150 people on a text with without having to wait
too much to publish.
What is your proposed solution?
Maybe the ikiwiki migration of Debian Times?
While it does not happen, the use of debian wiki minimizes duplicated
work, and is a "repository", with some kind of versioning, and reduces
consistency checks.

"The intended audience of Debian Times **press releases** are
journalists. By extent, the potential users and potential developers."

The Debian Times site actually publish many kinds of texts at different
channels and rss feeds.
The proposed draft had to start from somewhere. Please, improve it
including different kinds of texts and sections.
The Debian Times site has various channels, that you could select to
view at the left bar. An interesting feature not so spread.
Unfortunately, the site is still down and I do not remember all

> > Structure
> I don't get that paragraph, this looks like guidelines for "Debian
> Success Stories", some rather narrow topic when considering DebianTimes
> in general. 

Yes, the draft starting point was narrow.
Please, include more sections, for the other kinds of texts and expand

> At this point, it might make more sense to define what kind
> of news items are appropriate, and which are not.
> For example, 
>  * Are a summary of some debian-devel-announce mailings
>    appropriate?  

Yes, but not as "PR"s. Should be at suitable channel.

>  * Are announcements about Debian involvement at some
>    conferences/gatherings appropriate?

Sure. Very interesting. We could even have texts with versions for
"general users" or "journalists" and "power users or devs".
If enough manpower is unavailable, we should chose a default approach.
What one?

>  * Summaries/quotes of/from interviews with the DPL/other well-known
>    Debian people.


>  * Announcements about important releases, like d-i betas or stable
>    updates


>  * What else?

Open for suggestions.
How many channels should Debian Times have?

> > Workflow
> > The proposed text must take into account that Debian Times uses html
> > like markup.
> > The proposed texts should be submitted for colective edition at the
> > Debian Times team draft area, listed by an unique name based on PR
> > draft title.
> You should link to that wiki page here.

The page was not created at that time. Done now.

> > An email should be issued at debian-publicity mailing list containing
> > a link to it, the closing date and hour.
> Again, I /stronlgy/ suggest to send the full draft initially to the
> debian-publicity list, and welcome edits on the wiki or on-list.

How to minimize duplicated efforts, central repository for colective
editing and achieve automatic consistency checks between contributors?

> > Contributions MUST include a descriptive comment. 
> Are you talking about wiki edit commit messages here?  I'm not sure what
> this is about.

Yes, wiki descriptive comments on the commit logs. Please, redact
yourself the draft for a more clear text.

> Also, some workflow on how to delay the announcement should be
> considered, for example when some people object to the draft as being
> on-topic for times.d.n etc.

Do you have an idea of a good workflow for this?

> Thanks for working on this,
> Michael

Please, add yourself at the "Usual roles" section of [0]. Who are the
Publicity team leader? And the infrastructure people?

Andre Felipe

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity

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