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I have taken the liberty to make a couple of changes in the Publicity
Wiki page [0]. Mostly I have cleaned out some things that did not
contain any information (such as the Alioth project and the FAQ links). 

I still have a doubt about the page, though. In the 'Infrastructure'
section, under 'Services handled by the team' there's a two-level
bulleted list where the only item in the first level is 'Debian News and
press coverage services', and then there are 5 other items under it.

Is it supposed to be this way, or should the 5 other items be in the
same level as the first one and they were only over-indented in the wiki
code? To me, it doesn't seem that there's a logical/hierarchical
relation between them, hence my doubt.

I would also like to suggest that we actually start a FAQ about the
Publicity Team, especially with questions on how to contribute! >)

I apologise if I wasn't supposed to do such a change. Most of the
alterations were done by only commenting out lines of wiki code, so they
can be easily reverted.

Cassiano Leal

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity

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