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Re: Debian wants to hear from you, the user

Firstly please don't direct mails to the survey address if they aren't a
response to the survey. The mails to it sit in an mbox until I get
around to processing them.

Also, I'm now subscribed to this list, so please respect the reply-to.

On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 14:55 -0300, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:

> I found your call-to-action text [0], [2]  and invite you to write some
> text to be published at Debian Times [1], one of the debian publicity
> team [2] efforts, like Debian Project News [3] and PressCoverage [4].

So far it has been on lists.d.o, forums.d.n, some Debian-related blogs &
news sites, and was in last weeks LWN. I don't know if I have time to
write something for Debian Times for getting more submissions, so please
feel free to take that on. I will write something extra for Debian Times
when the results are ready though.

About the press coverage wiki pages, I'd like to see those moved back to
the website. Its kinda strange to have old stuff on the site and new
stuff on the wiki.

> And, for sure, join forces.

I'd be glad if someone else could take on the survey next year. I'd like
to see it happen annually early in the year and the results released in
the first quarter of the year.

> We have been able to attract some attention to Debian Project [5], [6],
> [7], [8] lately and your idea is VERY nice and deserves to be published
> and cited worldwide.

I'd be happy for that to happen as I have only got 48 replies so far, so
if you know of more places that Debian users might read, please feel
free to publicise it there. At the same time I would like to send out
the results before Debconf so not too much publicity please ;)



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