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Debian and Studio-To-Go!!

Hello to all Debian users.

I read a request on Distrowatch.com to inform those at Debian as to what interesting work Debian distros are involved with.  

I use a Debian distro called "Studio-to-Go!!" and though now discontinued,  it still is the most superior music OS ever.  It is ready to rock right out of the box.  

There are several factors that seperate a music distro from a general purpose distro: 
1.  Real-Time Kernel (and set up correctly)  Other music distros have real-time but donr run as efficiently...
2.  Jackdmp(multi-core ready from the start) and not hassel or figuring it out... from the start
3.  Midi instruments loaded WITH Jackdmp.  
4.  All of Debian programs at easy reach through Synaptic.  

I am a music teacher at an elementary school in Orlando, FL.  I use this OS to record my students; multitracking...... organize my extensive music collection and perform all office tasks like lesson planning, scheduling and musical script creation.(Celtx)

I live and swear by Debian and Studio-To-Go!!

Brian Clem
Music Teacher
Orlando, FL


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