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Re: Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Macedonia uses Debian in its servers

Don Armstrong wrote:
> Until the issue is actually resolved by a decision by the country
> known to the UN as FYROM...
... it's only reasonable to call it with its UN assigned name.

> calling them by whatever name they call themselves
> (http://www.finance.gov.mk/gb/index.html) is appropriate.
Even if they would like to call themselves Republic of California,
Republic of Scotland, Motherland of all Armstrongs, or European
Superunion? May I remind you that the taiwanese people call themselves
"Taiwan Republic of China", and have unsuccessfully attempted to gain
a UN member status with this name and have repeatedly failed? A name
with hints of usurpation of geographical or historical terms should
not be used by Debian, until the issue is permanently settled.

In the absence of a permanent solution of the name problem, an
"official" Debian news PR announcement should use the "official"
country name. And if the UN name is not the "official" one, then
what is it? Please correct the Debian news (PR) article.

I think Don Armstrong got it completely backwards, but let's stick to
the good news, ie. that they decided to use Debian and keep politics

A happy debian Etch user

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