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Re: Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Macedonia uses Debian in its servers

The official name of the country mentioned in the article is "The
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (or FYROM), as is clearly
stated in the official UN members list page

The name Macedonia, which FYROM is trying to monopolize, is also
claimed by Greece, which has a whole geographical area with the same name:

   The choice of the name Macedonia by FYROM directly raises the issue of
   usurpation of the cultural heritage of a neighbouring country.  The
   name constitutes the basis for staking an exclusive rights claim over
   the entire geographical area of Macedonia.  More specifically, to call
   only the Slavo-Macedonians Macedonians monopolizes the name for the
   Slavo-Macedonians and creates semiological confusion, whilst violating
   the human rights and the right to self-determination of Greek
   Macedonians.  The use of the name by FYROM alone may also create
   problems in the trade area, and subsequently become a potential
   springboard for distorting reality, and a basis for activities far
   removed from the standards set by the European Union and more
   specifically the clause on good neighbourly relations.  The best
   example of this is to be seen in the content of school textbooks in
   the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

   Source: http://www.panmacedonian.info/FYROM_Hellenic_Ministry.htm

Please update the above article with the correct facts.

A happy debian Etch user

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