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Re: Please publish my article about debian-community.org


On Friday 11 January 2008 19:04, Shams Fantar wrote:
> After some rereading by some people of my article about
> debian-community.org, Could you publish on times.debian.net the articles
> please ? :-)

This request is still open and now more "urgent" than ever before ;-) But...

> It would be preferable, if you could, to publish the article on 22nd of
> January, because this day, the debian-community project will have 1
> year. ;-)

...it's not ready yet - or anymore ;-) As now I'll add some bits to celebrate 
the one year anniversary and to announce the upcoming jabber and email 

I _hope_ to have something ready tomorrow evening, I'll keep you posted :-) 
(And it will be written in such a way, that it's also ok if it get's posted 
in three days.)


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