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VERY detailed Debian review from a newcomer.

There is a VERY detailed and methodic review of a Debian 4.0r1 Etch
GNU / Linux [0] kde desktop installation and use.
It is so detailed that could be considered during the development of the
future versions, as containing suggestions and hints for improvements.

"At this point, Debian looks great, it works great, and I couldn't be
happier. Now I have a whole new appreciation for all the work that must
go into making Mepis Linux "automatic," but at the same time, I also
have a new feeling of independence from that user-friendliness! From now
on, if I want to, I can keep using Debian, without ever having to feel
scared of it. Or, if I want to, I can go back to using Mepis, without
feeling like I have to use it because I don't know enough to be able to
use a less-user-friendly distro. Learning how to install and configure
Debian is one of the best things I've ever done on my computer. It has
empowered me with freedom, confidence and choices."

Andre Felipe Machado

[0] http://www.computerbob.com/guides/my_debian_adventure.php

A Debian user never dies. 
Issues a last command:
#shutdown -h now

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