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[DRAFT READY FOR REVIEW] Skolelinux wins the Scandinavian Free Software award

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Andre Felipe Machado

Debian Edu Skolelinux wins the Scandinavian Free Software Award
contributed by andremachado, published on Sat Dec 15 03:47:36 2007 in

Debian Edu / Skolelinux wins the Scandinavian Free Software Award
The Free Software Foundation Europe announced that the international
project Debian-Edu / Skolelinux is the winner of the first Free Software
Scandinavian Award, during the Free Software Conference Scandinavia
2007, in Göteborg, Sweden, December 7th, 2007.

"Debian-Edu / Skolelinux captures a big part of the free software
spirit; sharing and reusing. By focusing on schools, Debian-Edu /
Skolelinux makes sure students, tomorrow's computer users, and decision
makers, can grow up in a spirit of sharing, reusing and learning from
family, friends and neighbours."

"Debian-Edu / Skolelinux has combined important, and dedicated work
contributions with technical knowledge and political skills."

"The adoption of Debian-Edu / Skolelinux in so many countries around the
globe shows that the use of Free Software and open standards has really
been spreading in a very positive way."

"The next milestone will be the merge of different school systems based
on Free Software. The largest example will be the merge between
Debian-Edu / Skolelinux and the very successful Spanish GNU/LinEx
project which has, at the moment, more than 250.000 users and 80.000
workstations in use at schools in Extremadura. The one laptop for every
two pupils project."

"Both Debian-Edu / Skolelinux and the GNU / LinEx builds on Debian GNU /
Linux and can enjoy the many synergy effects."

More information about the Debian-Edu / Skolelinux award can be found at
the FSFE announcement.

About Debian Edu / Skolelinux
Debian-Edu / Skolelinux is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) from the
Debian-edu international project team.

Skolelinux is a complete tailored software solution for the needs of any
educational institution or school.

It is a ready computer system were your school does not need to piece
together the components.

You can read more about here.

About Debian
Debian GNU/Linux is one of the free operating systems (GNU/Linux,
GNU/Hurd, GNU/NetBSD, GNU/kFreeBSD), developed by more than a thousand
volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the Internet at
the Debian Project website.

Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature, and its
open development model make it unique among GNU/Linux distributions.

The Debian project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its
dedication to the Debian Social Contract, and its commitment to provide
the best operating system possible.

About GNU / Linex 
The GNU / Linex is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution produced by the
Community of Extremadura (Spain). Well known in linux-spanish circles,
this veteran distribution has open the spanish public administration and
schools to the Open Source / Free Software world.

About Free Software Foundation Europe
The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit and (in some
countries) charitable non-governmental organization dedicated to Free
Software as in freedom.

Vision of Free Software
Access to software determines who may participate in a digital society.
Therefore, the freedoms to use, copy, modify and redistribute software
-- as described in the Free Software definition -- allow equal
participation in the information age.

The vision of Free Software is one of a stable basis for freedom in a
digital world -- both in an economic and socio-ethical context. Free
Software is one important cornerstone for freedom, democracy, human
rights and development in a digital society.

The FSFE is dedicated to supporting all aspects of Free Software in
Europe. Creating awareness for these issues, securing Free Software
politically and legally, and giving people freedom by supporting
development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE. 

[0] http://times.debian.net/1206

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