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CoverCD Agreement - Debian


My name is Katarzyna Kaczor and I am an editorial assistant in Linux+ 

The next 2/2008 issue of Linux+ will be devoted to Debian 4.0. 
Many thanks to all from Linux community who prvided us with articles about 
Debian, its installation, configuration, how-tos, tips&trics etc. 

Do you mind if we re-distribute your Software with our publication? 
We would like to feature Debian 4.0 distro on Linux+dvd. Could we also use 
your product logo and graphics?  Could you give me the access to download it 
via FTP. 

Also, I would like to ask you for sending me a CoverCD Agreement. 

I look forward on working with you.  

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Katarzyna Kaczor
Linux+ DVD magazine

Software Media LLC
1461 A First Avenue, # 360
New York, NY 10021-2209

phone number: 1-917-338 - 3631/ +48 22 427 35 34
fax:  +48 22 887 10 11

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