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Re: Interested in promoting Debian with linux+ magazine?

Hi Kate!

Katarzyna Kaczor wrote:
> I'm really sorry if you have had unpleasent experience with Linux+ but I don't 
> think you're right and I would like to correct some information you included 
> in your email. 
> First of all, each language version of Linux+ is managed by totally different 
> staff and has its own publishing policy. I really have no idea with which of 
> them did you work? 

You said you would like to correct the statements below:

> > Please note that, a long time ago, I replied to such an offer from
> > Linux+, and I found out that:
> > - Re-publishing elsewhere an article that you write for Linux+ is not
> >   allowed
> > - The pay was very low

What about... actually correcting them?  You haven't lost a word about
these two statements after your initial two paragraphs.  Did they turn
out to be true after all?

> > Also, I don't think that Linux+'s audience is very big.

A comment on this may also be interesting for potential writers.



Ten years and still binary compatible.  -- XFree86

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