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Re: Debian popcon will soon pass 70 000 submissions

[Lucas Nussbaum]
> Ubuntu has more than 300000 popcon submissions. Do you know if
> there's a reason for that, or does Ubuntu simply has more users or
> more users willing to participate?

Well, I believe part of the reason is the number of releases ubuntu
have done the last few years while Debian has only done one.  I'm not
sure if the Ubuntu installer ask during installation.  The number of
submissions increased a lot when etch was released, and I expect the
same will happen when lenny is released.  One can see similar effect
for every ubuntu release, which suggest to me that the default
installer ask.

In short, I believe ubuntu have more users who have seen the question
and decided to participate, and I suspect they have more users as
well.  But the latter is hard to know anything about.  Other surveys
indicate the same, so I believe we can believe it.

Here is the latest architecture distribution from popcon.debian.org:

    1   0.00% ppc64
    2   0.00% i486
    3   0.00% hurd-i386
    5   0.01% armeb
    5   0.01% kfreebsd-amd64
    9   0.01% m68k
   12   0.02% armel
   12   0.02% s390
   14   0.02% kfreebsd-i386
   24   0.03% mips
   51   0.07% ia64
   70   0.10% hppa
   78   0.11% mipsel
   80   0.12% alpha
  287   0.41% sparc
  755   1.09% arm
  838   1.21% powerpc
 8499  12.27% amd64
58516  84.49% i386
69261 100.00% total (ignored 242 without arch info)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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