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Interested in writing on Debian for Linux+ magazine?


My name is Katarzyna Kaczor and I am an editorial assistant in Linux+DVD 
magazine. It's a quaterly totally devoted to Linux and Open Source, 
distributed all over the US and in Australia. We are also entering the 
British market.  (for more details please visit www.lpmagazine.org/en)

I am currently collecting the articles for the next issue. 
Perhaps you could help me in this. 

We will feature Debian distro on DVD and we most need the article on 
installing, configuring & managing Debian 4.0. distribution to our startWITH 
section ( a practical guide  how to install it successfully and fast, how to 
select appropriate settings and option etc.). Hovewerif you haveanother idea, 
it could just be anything from a HowTo on the operating system or an 
application to run on Debian to an article explaining an application or a 
concept on Debian.

Please let me know if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, 
I will send  you our PressKit and give some guidelines. 

I am looking forward to your reply,
Katarzyna Kaczor
Linux+ DVD magazine

Software Media LLC
1461 A First Avenue, # 360
New York, NY 10021-2209

phone number: 1-917-338 - 3631/ +48 22 427 35 34
fax:  +48 22 887 10 11

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