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URL problem with times.debian.net/1189 [was: DRAFT READY FOR REVIEW: Ministry of Education Brazil is buying 90,000 Debian GNU / Linux computers]

hey good people who run times.debian.org--

I just noticed that the top item on the times.debian.net feed today
has trouble: When you click on the title of the article, it takes you


which has all the right content, but the styles are broken.  I think
this is because of the "/" in the article name, which is being treated
as a directory separator.  Styles are probably referenced with
relative paths.

Replacing the / with a . or a - yields a well-styled page for me:


as does removing it altogether:


Interestingly, URL-escaping the slash gives me an error:


yields the error message:

 "The requested URL
 /1189-Brazil-Ministry-buying-90,000-Debian-GNU-/-Linux-machines was
 not found on this server."

I suspect that the code to generate the title links from the title
names needs to become "slash-aware".  And a bit more slash awareness
on the part of the URL handler would be good, too (to avoid the latter

Thanks for working on the publicity front, and congratulations all
around on the good news out of Brazil!



PS i'm not on the list.  if you post a followup which needs my
attention, please CC me!

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