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Re: draft 1167 ready for review

Hi Andre, 

On Sat Sep 01, 2007 at 11:54:13 -0300, André Felipe Machado wrote:
> Hello,
> I uploaded the previous msg about Mr. Garbee interview to the draft
> 1167.

Great. But actually, noone outside the times.debian.net team knows about
what 1167 is. So posting a link here might be more easy.

> Please, review it (English is not my native language), and publish it
> when ready.

Please make articles 664, so that also others can change things in this
article. I now used my super-cow-powers to have that done.

I also changed the document a bit and made it type html, so you dont the
the link list in the bottom of the article but in the article itself.

and published.

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No manual entry for real-life

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