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Re: The number of etch installations is rocketing...

[Alexander Schmehl]
> Petter, would it be possible to pinpoint the number, when 25'000
> submissions where reached?

Sure.  It happened 2007-01-15, when it moved from 24986 to 25139.  We
passed 12500 on 2006-04-30, when it moved from 12407 to 12504
submissions, and we passed 6250 on 2004-08-15, when it moved from 6124
to 6333.

BTW, I do not believe we have reason to believe the number of
installation doubled.  As etch was the first release where the popcon
question is asked as part of the normal install, it might just as well
be that a lot of machines were upgraded to etch.

But I suspect it is a good indication of the amount of etch
installations, if we only knew the multiplication factor.  I believe
Joey Hess guestimated 1-10% might answer yes to the popcon question.
I have no idea myself, but am quite sure the number of people saying
yes to participate is very low compared to those just pressing enter
on that question.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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