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Re: congratulations to all Debian contributors

Dom, 2007-04-15 às 14:15 -0300, André Felipe Machado escreveu:
> Hello,
> Please, read the reviews at  http://wiki.debian.org/PressCoverage2007 >
> Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 reviews :
> "Debian redefines itself with new release"
> "Installing Debian Etch on Toshiba Tecra M5"
> Congratulations.
> Andre Felipe Machado
just a point ...

from the reviews i read i found that all of them had the same
supposition: debian is only the main repository.

in the tecra M5, for example, the DVD rom i don't have a work, but there
are nvidia drivers and the ipw3945ABG ... i have one of this is my own
laptop and worked out of the box ( after i added non-free and installed
it, of course)
 .. and there is xsupplicant in debian ( and it is installed i think by
network-manager) no need to download nd install it from source.

There ARE nvidia drivers, packaged from nvidia.com in non-free ... 

i am pointing this out because:

1) maintainers packaged this nd maintain good quality solutions in terms
of stability and ompatibility with the system

2) it's easier for the user to add non-free and install the packages.

3) Debian is a fine quality distribution that includes TONS of
software... and people thinks that it does not have some of the more
important support for wireless and video).

other comments directly to the tester of the M5 laptop:

 - cdrecord is not even in debian.
 - please use debian tools to check the description of the package named

seems to me that you are  console kind of guy. (apt-cache show cdrecord
is your friend)

also, i think there are some issues that are found to be important:
 - gdm overlaps xorg.conf
 - hwclock issue.

best regards

Luis Matos

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