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Linden Lab (Second Life) using Debian

Hi all,

I'm a bit disappointed at this point.  I followed up on the recent 
informationweek article to get permission to list Linden Lab as a Debian 
user on our users page, sent mail to debian-www a few weeks ago only to 
have that email completely ignored.  Such stuff happening is also making 
Debian look bad: I requested permission to list Linden as a Debian user and 
very promptly got a reply from their press guys, so it'd be only fair to 
act now and have them listed.


Could somebody with commit access and WML skillz please do that small update 
to the web?

Linden Lab, USA

<p><a href="http://lindenlab.com/";>Linden Lab</a>, the makers of the famous 
online game <a href="http://secondlife.com/";>Second Life</a>, run Debian on 
their server farm of about 2000 Intel- and AMD based servers.  Ian Wilkes, 
Director of Operations, explains their choice of operating system: "Debian 
provides a stable, high-quality distribution supported by
responsive and responsible package maintainers.  It's a key component
of our low-overhead server operations strategy."</p>

(Or can I have commit rights for these very occasional updates?  I don't 
follow debian-www, but I'll always inform them when I update the web site.)

-- vbi

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