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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

First of all a happy new year :)

> Right now I have on my list:
> Heike Jurzik: Installation (German)
> Gustavo Franco: Etch on the Desktop (English, needs some
>  clarification on the specific content)
> Martin Krafft: What's new in Etch (?)
>                Debian / Ubuntu (?)
> Henning Sprang: Virtualization (?)
> Thomas Lange: FAI (?)
> Andreas Barth: What's new in Etch (?)
>                Porting (and Backporting) (?)
>                Release process (?)

Right now we are targetting the end of January as a deadline
for the articles. Hopefully Etch will be released by mid February.
Can all of you meet this deadline?


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