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[RFH] Review of year 2006


Ana Guerrero and me started preparing a review of year 2006. We use DWN,
Planet Debian, debian-project@, debian-devel@ and debian-devel-announce@
as sources for this review. But we now face the following problems:

(a) we want to try to be objective, but with two persons only writing
it, this review becomes everything else but objective.

(b) this is a huge amount of work to do. With lots of discussions on
-project and -devel this year, we currently see no light at the end of
the tunnel.

So it would be nice if some more persons would volunteer to help with
this review. It is planed to publish it on times.debian.net and it would
be nice to have it also on other places published, as LWN or linux.com.

First drafts for January and February are availible on [1]. Ana and me
are currently working on March and April. Coordination for the review
should go via debian-publicity ML. We need volunteers for both (a) and
(b). It would be nice if our small team could be strengthen by a few
more members.


[1] http://times.debian.net/~zobel/2006
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