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German speakers wanted: Article for the "Open Source Jahrbuch 2007"


The editors of the Open Source Jahrbuch [1] asked us for an article about
Debian.  The target of this article should be to "give the reader a
general overview about Debian and show it's special Quirks.  The Target
audience is beside decision makers from economy and IT the general
interested end user, who wants to take a peak over the their own nose of
their installed operating system², or need decision guidance while
choosing a suitable system".

Since they (and I) were in a hurry, I allready submitted an exposee of
an possible article (in german).  It's availabe at [3] (both in .tex and
pdf).  Feel free to comment and contribute.

1: http://www.opensourcejahrbuch.de/
2: Anyone knows a better translation of "die über den "Tellerrand"
   ihres derzeitigen Betriebssystems  hinaus schauen wollen"
3: http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/osjb2007/

Yours sincerely,

PS:  Regarding licensing, they propose a Creative Commons licens, so I
planed so far to submitt the resulting paper licensed under the terms of
the CC-by license.

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