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Re: Press Anouncement preparation for Sarge r3

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >> Well, ignoring the response from me (Message-ID:
> >> <20060831135645.GD23864@einval.com>), but you're about right. CD
> >> building may start a couple of hours later than you suggest, and we
> >> *really* could do with some installation testing to make sure the CDs
> >> with the new d-i build are correct. That won't take too long (I hope),
> >> but I'm just warning...
> >
> >Umh... your mail is the source for the CD/DVD bits.
> Ah, OK. The "Since nobody else replied, I'll do it on my own" bit
> confused me a little...

Hmm, indeed.  Sorry, I meant, nobody replied to my mail, and then
used your mail... Sorry.



If you come from outside of Finland, you live in wrong country.
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