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Re: I want one of those!

* Adrian von Bidder (avbidder@fortytwo.ch) [060818 14:24]:
> [sorry for the broken reply - read via web right now]
> you wrote:
> [post this to publicity list]
> I was not sure if pure product announcements should be even discussed.  OTOH 
> I proposed to announce th HP stuff, so I guess some cool product would fit, 
> too, and Movidis as a small vendor might even be thankful in a more 
> personal way than some multibillion company...

I think that some item in category sucess-story on DebianTimes might
match well for an article about "look, here is a new nice gadget". I
personally wouldn't set the category news for it anyways.

> Hmmm.  Is there a "Cool Debian Hardware" web page at all?  In any case, 
> there is now. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianHardware

Such an item might include a link there, yes.


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