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Re: DebianTimes


* Christian Jensen (cj2003@debian-news.net) [060725 19:33]:
> As the above statement sounds similar to the kind of news items I post 
> at debian-news.net, you are more than welcome to use the feed from the 
> site - I would also be happy to create a feed that only contained the  
> news about Debian, so you wouldn't have to receive news about 
> Ubuntu/Knoppix/DSL/MEPIS from the feed.

thank you. I considered a bit about that, but I currently think a direct
feed might not be best, because - well, perhaps I just didn't see enough
from debian-news.net up to now.

I however would like to syndicate items directly from time to time by
hand, and would be happy if you agree with that.


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