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Re: DebianTimes update

* Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl) [060802 23:56]:
> Other comments:
> - I don't really believe in the "restrict to" box, at least not without
>   very good documentation.
> - There should also be a way to navigate normally (using links) to a
>   certain category.

That should be at least improved now. I'm still eager for better ideas,
but web design isn't my strong side.

> - Is "People-behind-Debian" also going to be part of this site?

The articles will appear there in any case. More isn't decided yet.

> - problem 2 is also visible in unstable konqueror; seems to be caused only
>   by the ridiculously long "word" in "Yet an other test" [1]

That shouldn't happen in a real world scenario, and I fixed the text

Thanks for your input.


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