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[debianTimes] writing guidelines


this is a first draft of how I think articles should be; it is intended
as a starter of discussion.

1. Something interesting for Debian users

The article should be about something what is interesting for Debian
users. Though this sounds rather trivial, I think it is really an
important statement. It could of course be about an derivative, but the
link to Debian and Debian's user should always be obvious for the

2. Make Debian famous

Consider why this is special with Debian. E.g. uploading a new kernel
minor version is usually not that important, and also not so much Debian
related. If that however allows some cool new features in the installer
- that might be worth to write about.

3. Get your articles signed off first

It is important that any article reflects the Debian community, not just
the commiter. Debian-publicity is always a good place to get your
article checked, but please consider the specialised irc channels /
lists as well. If the article is about the installer, check with the
installer people. Etc. Discussing on d-publicity is not strictly
required if there was enough high-quality review at other places.

[what else?]

Any feedback on these items is welcome.


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