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Issues with the woody release page/mail

        Hi there!

 I recently wrote on <http://www.linux-community.de/> a summary about
the prospective release date and the features of woody (german
language).  During writing and reading some of the comments there some
issues were raised that are useful to keep in mind when writing the
release information and maybe add to the release page, too.

 First of all we should mention that we also release KDE with woody.
Thats one of the things the users always asked for - we really should
mention that.

 Another big thing that users always waited for is a replacement for
dselect.  There's now aptitude which is IMO fabulous, deity and lots of
others. Also worth mentioning somehow.

 Next: If we can manage to produce official CD-Images that feature
PGI[1] this is also a thing we shouldn't keep secret. I just burned my
first pgi-cd today to test it but I guess it should be a great
enhancement to the still perfect debian-installer; but users request
more often graphical things (don't ask me why, maybe because they *look*
more modern beside being it...).

 A question that raised in the thread following my posting there were
about gcc 3.0 that is mentioned on the release page (and I mentioned in
my writing there): Someone raised the accuses that using gcc 3.0 would
produce the same problems like the 2.96 in RH did (binary
incompatibility).  I answered that gcc 3.0 is used only on the new
architectures that need it foor 2.95 doesn't help there (I hope I didn't
say something stupid? I'm not too deep into that part).  But I guess
this might also be an issue to mention that gcc-3.0 is only default on
such architectures that wouldn't work otherwise and the others still
have gcc 2.95 in the gcc package.  At least it showed that some people
care about it, it should be written down somewhere to not confuse too
many people.

 I guess that's it so far, I'm not sure what joey really wanted me to
mail about to debian-press but I guess he'll make it clear again (might
be that I just forgot what he (not) did mention).  Joey, the Cc: is
because of this, can you clearify your wish to me (again)?

[1] <http://packages.debian.org/pgi>

P.S.: I still vote for ``jessie'' for the next release codename ,-P
Wo wir schon bei Schnäppchenbestrafungen sind: ich finde § 307 StGB hat ein
recht ordentliches Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Soviel Bums für sowenig Strafe
gibt sonst nirgendwo.
                        -- Holger Lembke in de.soc.recht.misc

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