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Re: promotional gadgets

On 19-Feb-2002 Kris Vandercapellen wrote:
> Hello,
> i'm a belgian student who is addicted to your great OS.
> In a month I have to give a lecture about Debian.
> Is it possible to get some gadgets? (like stickers)  Or where
> can i get them in Belgium? I've allready checked some sites, but they
> don't provide anything about debian.

I am not aware of any place still selling Debian merchandise beyond thinkgeek
and copyleft.  both are here in the US, not sure how shipping would work.

At http://www.hands.com/~phil/debian/ you will find the tex source for Debian
business cards as well as postscript files to print t-shirts with.  The
postscript could also perhaps be turned into a size useful for cd's or

If you manage to get something either by purchasing or creating, please let us
know.  Perhaps we can host the raw materials for others.

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