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Re: Why don't we every see Debian articles on these sites?

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

Code matters more than commercials, but nobody will use it if they
don't know it exists or don't take it seriously.  Perhaps the
consultants listed on the Debian web site could toss some cash in a
hat and pay a good PR person part time?  (I really like the Progeny
"built on strength" slogan.  It's the perfect counter to the RHAT
"Red Hat District" article.  Enjoy a virtual workout today!  Water


I'm the former Director of Marketing and Communications at Progeny. I'm the one who oversaw the Progeny campaign and wrote the ad copy for it, so I take your comments as a personal compliment. Thanks!

More to the point, I think that one thing that would help would be a central repository of information about Debian - in other words, a media kit that would contain basic information about Debian, interesting facts about it, and recent news - anything that would help a journalist write a story more easily. Some of this information is available on the Debian site, of course, but requires a bit of digging to find - and journalists are lazy (I'm one so I can say that).

As a matter of fact, some of the media kit I wrote for Progeny might be very useful for this purpose with a few changes. Progeny isn't using it any more, and, although I no longer work for the company, I am working with them to have the manual I wrote for it GPLed, so I possibly I could get the media kit released, too.


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