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Re: Intro WWW pages


Grant Bowman wrote:
> I have subscribed to this list for a few weeks but haven't seen much
> serious discussion in at least a year on this list.  I see 300 people
> are subscribed if http://lists.debian.org/stats/ is accurate.

http://murphy.debian.org/lists/debian-publicity/ is another source,
though, I guess Nils' graphs are also accurate.

> One of the biggest publicity items for Debian is it's website, however
> the very important /intro/ section seems less than complete to me.  I 
> intend to help out in this area and I wanted to see if there are others 
> that would like to help as well and discuss some ideas.

Please do.  However, discussions about the Debian website should take
place on the debian-www mailing list and not on the -publicity list.

> First, the /intro pages seem like a good place to summarize the project 
> and how it works.  The "Reasons to Choose Debian" is a nice list but I 
> feel the top three or four items should be chosen to Frame the discussion.
> Second, http://www.debian.org/intro/organization could use an index near 
> the top of the page and some general verbage, perhaps getting input from 
> each section describing their fuction in two sentences.  With this extra
> information splitting to say 4 pages would be worthwhile, namely main, 
> distribution, support/infrastructure and development.
> Suggestions?

Improvements are always welcome.  You can find the source for the web
pages in a public CVS repository.  See



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