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Debian: Vendor at conference

Debian Publicity Mailing list,

	I have been a long time user of Debian at our instituion.
	And have over a dozen adminstrative servers, serving the
	students at Western Washington University (WWU).

	Our student organization club,

	has regular sessions of 'install fest' to help others install
	and maintain Debian systems.... and would like to contine
	to 'spread the word' of Debian Systems to 300+ attendees of
	an annual conference that I attend.

	I am on the program committee for an annual conference called
		ResNet Symposium

	This year, it is being held
		ResNet'2001: at Stanford University

	And every year, there vendors sponsoring various activities
	and sessions... along with having a table at our

		 Vendor/Technology Fair

	I am also conducting several sessions on Linux, Open Source
	solutions, and home-grown solutions for University and College
	Residential Network areas.

	Who do I need to speak with, to see about getting Linux-Debian
	promoters and supporters to participate with the conference?  
        (i.e. Sponsoring, fair table, or even sending extra copies of
	magazines or other 'give-away' goodies?)
	-Iain Davidson
	Office of University Residences/Housing- Administrative Staff
	'Technical Support for Staff and Students at WWU'
	Technical Advisor for 
	ResNet Symposium Conference

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