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Collaboration for ICMC2001 Conference

my name is Marco Trevisani, and i'm the International Coordinator of the ICMC2001 (International Computer Music Conference) that in 2001 will be held in La Habana, Cuba. THe ICMC is the most important conference in this field and it includes a technical side (papers, and technical conferences) and a musical side,concerts installation etc. It is entering now in its 25th year, and every year is organized in a different country (the last one just ended in Berlin, before we had Venice, Honk Kong, Tokio, Stanford, Grece, Denmark and os on). For the first time it will be organized in a Latin American country and, even more interesting, in Cuba. It si ususally followed by a large number of musician, scholars and programmers in the audio field, of course. We expect around 500, or more to partecipate, and more than the double that will have works prensented without being phisically in Cuba, even if, considering theexeptionality of the location we are expecting a boom in the partecipation.

In the technical session i have also (i'm a long time Linux user and Debian in the last three years) "won the battle" to have a session on Linux and audio and "Open Arts, Open Software, Open Hardware", of course in relation to audio problems.

Well, the reason i'm writing to you is because i was thinking of an appealing collaboration, at least from my side. We are starting to consider different options on where to get our page hosted. Two commecrial ISP companies already offered to host it for free...well it is good but i think the exceptionality of this conference, for that year, would require something more interesting.

So i was wondering if Debian would like to host our web page in exchange of publicity..."propaganda", and having the Linux session conference under the auspicies of Debian.

What we would need on the hosting side is:
1)....availability as soon as possible (we are already late)
2) Hosting for the web page
3) Access for  to that page for myself
4) Help me in order to find one or two volunteers for the web page....:-)
5) Possibility to run scripts (php3 most probably) and a databse
6)Possibility of managing and creating mailing list for the conference
(with either one of the domains icmc2001.org or debian.org)

I know of course that Debian,as a project, is not a ISP...but my idea is to "redirect" people to Debian and to make Debian as part of the event....

Please, let me know as soon as you can what you think about this,
it would be great if we could collaborate.
Dont hesitate if you have question to contact me (below you'll find also the direction of the official _pre_beta_beta web page, hosted temporarily at ccrma, at stanford university)

  thank you

  marco trevisani

marco trevisani
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