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Re: First draft (was Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material])

Some minor comments:

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>    accordingly, we believe Debian 2.2 is the best-tested Linux
>    distribution ever.

Why not just "is an extremely well-tested Linux distribution"? I think
we don't need to do comparisons in the press release.

>           + reportbug - A tool to report problems in the first place.

s/in the first place//

>           + zope - A web application platform suited to developing
>             dynamic web sites, such as portals and weblogs.

Digital Creations defines Zope as a "web application server". It might be
wiser to use their terminology.

>           + gnome-napster, gnapster, gnap - Three Napster implementations
>             for all your RIAA-defying needs.

s/for all your RIAA-defying needs//

>           + Last, but not least: 56 new games!

I'm religiously against exclamantion marks. Do you really think the
exclamation mark will impress anyone? I'm more impressed by the number

>           + Python 1.5.2 - Another popular scripting language


Additionally, no one in Python lands defines Python as a "scripting"
language -- the popular time is "A high-level interpreted language".

>    Debian 2.2 also includes support for two new architectures, PowerPC
>    and ARM; with this addition, Debian now runs on six architectures,
>    more than any other Linux distribution. 

Again, I'd lose the "more then any other Linux distribution" part.

>    new package, called base-config, and has a more appealing interface
>    based around our debconf system.

I'm not a native English speaker, but I think "based on" is preferred to 
"based around".

Thanks a lot for the work on the first draft!
Moshe Zadka <moshez@math.huji.ac.il>
There is no IGLU cabal.

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