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Re: we need a release announcement -- soon [source material]

On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 07:50:50PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> * Revamped "task" selection make it easier to specify what to use your
>   new Debian system for.
> * debconf [ probably not used widly enough to be announced yet though ]
> * A new logo.
> * Count up number of packges that have been updated upstream.
> * More streamlined install process, featuring improved network install
>   capabilities.

Using DWN back issues as a source of inspiration:

	* apt-get source works, and there's a --build/--compile option
	* FHS compliance/compatability

New stuff:
	* gpg!
	* openssh!
	* perl 5.005 (used to be 5.0004)
	* X 3.3.6 (used to be 3.3.2)
	* gtk 1.2.7 (used to be 1.1.2)
	* gcc 2.95.2 (used to be

What else? non-US has been split into main/contrib/non-free, and there are
official CDs with non-US stuff on them now.

For a perspective on the growth, all of slink (all architectures, and
sources) took up ten CDs, all of potato takes up 21 (six archs and source,
three CDs each).

Twenty-five packages seem to have moved from non-free (in slink) to main
(in potato) [0], which seems pretty neat.

It's all fairly small and cumulative, but this is just a point increment
after all.


[0] Voila:

    ajt@auric:~$ echo; find slink/non-free -follow -name '*.dsc' | sed 's,^.*/,,;s/_.*$//' | while read a; do ls -d potato/main/source/*/${a}_*.dsc; done 2>/dev/null | sed 's,^.*/,,;s/_.*$//' | sort | column

    cgiwrap                 gif2png                 rocks-n-diamonds
    chos                    kdrill                  seyon
    dgs                     lclint                  sniffit
    dmalloc                 lclint-doc              unhtml
    doc++                   libjcode-perl           wxftp
    festival                mirrormagic             xwrits
    festlex-cmu             mp3info                 zip
    festlex-poslex          ocaml
    festvox-kdlpc16k        oonsoo

    Interestingly, swapping slink and potato, four packages have moved
    from main to non-free: crafty, cxhextris, omniorb and trn. Five
    packages have moved from potato/non-free into woody/main, already,
    too: libgd-perl, mysql, nco, nedit and rman.

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