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Stuffed Gnu


Anyone know where I can exchange a few, green dollar-bills for a cute,
stuffed-GNU, as in this picture below? 


I've already combed many community-websites, search-engines, and Debian
Mail List archives for mention of the stuffed-GNU. No luck.

WHY do I ask for a lead to the stuffed GNU?

The local newspaper may publish a picture of my office-cube
(apparently they like the creative stimuli from my aerial/aquatic use of
little stuffed, and inflatable, penguins and waterfall-fountains).

Gnu/Linux has provided me with a job, and intellectual nourishment, an
ethically-minded technical community, and limitless opportunities, and
there is much for which I need to give back to Gnu and its contributantes.

It would be fitting if the GNU was in the pix in the paper as well. 
I really would like to have Debian and GNU articles in my cube, to
constantly evoke the GNU and FS ideals that inspire so much
global-community. Also, stuffed-GNUs would remind me how badly I need to
familiarize myself with MUTT.

I started using only Debian-2.1 about 6 months ago, after Christoph
Lameter gave me a CD of Debian at the NY LinuxWorldExpo in February, and
after my superviser at office told me about VRMS, and showed me the path
to the Debian install disks.

I already suggested to thinkgeek.net that it would be great if they also
sold stuffed-gnus in addition to stuffed-penguins.

Thanks for ANY info, leads, response, or for any help in finding a

sincerely grateful,
Have a great week,


sysadmin/dns admin
at a Local Virginia ISP

NOVAgLUG Reporter

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