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Re: Wak up! Potato is coming

Martin Schulze wrote:
> In case potato will be released we should be prepared to send out
> press releases.  I don't speak for debian-announce but for real
> press releases.  Since I have a chance to get a press conference
> in Germany for that issue at the end of june, there's some sort
> of personal interest es well.
> So, list up all advantages, improvements and important changes
> wrt slink.

I was wondering if potato will have more architectures than other linux
distributions. I'm not sure exactly how many redhat supports, anyone

Other things, some rather obvious:

xxx brand new packages.
xxx new upstream version of packages. (will be amusing to write something
	to get this number)
More streamlined install process, featuring improved network install
Revamped "task" selection make it easier to specify what to use your new
	Debian system for.

see shy jo

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