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Re: Linux Demo Day


I am the liaison for the Orange County Linux User's Group.
I am not sure if this is the proper email address to send this request
to, if not then please forward it to the proper person(s)- LUG
or some similar division.

We are involved in Linux Demo Day (see http://www.linuxdemo.org).
The "official" demo day was in February, but due to problems in finding
a suitable demo site, we were not able to hold our demo then.  We now
have a site, Micro Center in Tustin CA.

I would like to know if Debian could support our efforts in any way
by sponsoring us with any materials you may deem fit to distribute at a
demonstration of Linux.  Boxed distribution(s), Tshirts, hats, pins,
buttons, pens, stickers, any kind of Linux paraphernalia, would be
welcomed.  If you can give us a boxed distribution (or more), we will
put that in a raffle.  We may also raffle the Tshirts etc if you choose
to send any, or we may give these to our group's volunteers who help at
the demo.  We would also like any brochures or flyers that you might
send, we can hand those out to the visitors.

Even if you can only give us surplus older distributions, or just single
CDs of the current one,
we would be glad to give/raffle those to visitors to our demo, and it
will help to
spread the word about Debian.

For more information on the original Linux Demo Day as it was scheduled,

and contact information for the organizer of this event, see
http://www.linuxdemo.org.  The webmaster of that site, Deepak Saxena,
was the one who organized the sponsors for this event, including

For more information on Orange County Linux User's Group in general see
our website, http://www.oclug.org
If you would like to see updates about our Linux Demo Day, please see

We are a non-profit organization, and we meet monthly at California
State University Fullerton.  We discuss all things Linux/UNIX, and help
each other with technical issues, and help promote the Open Source

Please have someone from your company contact me regarding this, I would

like to hear from you whether you can support us in any way or not.  If
you can support us, even with just flyers/brochures, or whatever you are

able to donate, let me know, and I will send you my US Postal address to

ship to.

I would also be interested in any kind of regular User Group relations
program that you may have- if there is one please tell me how I can put
OCLUG on the list.

Thank you very much.


Matt M. "LinuxKnight"
Liaison and Linux Demo Day Coordinator,
Orange County Linux User's Group

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