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Debian's Apache-esque position on TUCOWS downloads

Isn't this a nice piece of PR for Debian ?

Among the download of complete distributions from the TUCOWS Linux archives,
Debian-based distributions account for 48 per cent!

The PR from TUCOWS.com is at

  "TORONTO, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- TUCOWS.com Inc. (http://www.tucows.com),
  the Internet's leading distributor of digital content, today announced the
  industry's first monthly metric that identifies the most popular
  downloaded Linux software on the company's ftp.linux.tucows.com site.
  According to TUCOWS' December figures, Corel attained the highest
  percentage of downloads at 37 per cent, with Red Hat holding firm in
  second position at 20 per cent and Debian trailing in third place with 11
  per cent. Other companies recording downloads included: Mandrake nine per
  cent; SuSE seven per cent; Slackware six per cent; and, Caldera six per
  cent. The above data relates to completely new distributions, rather than
  users updating existing distributions.  ..."

Nearly reminds me of Apache+Stronghold's >50% numbers in the Netcraft web
server installation surveys.
It's just a question of how you sell the numbers ;-)


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