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Re: Tshirts

> Please check out these shirts and see if you'd be willing to purchase
> these.  These are the proposed shirts that copyleft wants to make, a
> mortion of the proceeds would go back to Debian.

Why "What your mom would use if it were twenty times easier" ?

My mom gave up on Windows 95 about two months ago. Been using Debian ever
since. She really has very little clue -- but now she is learning that she
doesn't have to press the On/Off button to work around problems. (I set it
up with Netscape, qvwm, sudo, lpr, xISP, licq, tik -- still need to get
sound to work without the time-limited open$ound. Soon, I'll be making a
webpage about setting up my mom's easy-to-use Debian system.) 

  Jeremy C. Reed

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