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http://linux.com/getlinux/pages/debian could use a little help

Hi, I originally did the banner ad at the debian getlinux page.

I'm sorry :)

I just looked at it again and it looks really bad. I think that a more
traditional swirl like we currently have sitting at our homepage would work
a lot better. I made a 400x90 .jpg of it at

Perhaps I'll start working on the content of it as well, it's pretty
spartan. I was thinking of making an outline of the points we already have
in our banner ads (they're good points!) and filling it in with a couple
sentences backing up each point, perhaps using content we already have at
our web site.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Whoah! These are cool songs and they're all about murders!"
	-- James Hetfield

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