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Corel Linux shipping with motherboards

Did you read this?
from: http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,1017933,00.html

Corel, PC Chips in Linux OEM alliance
By Grant DuBois, PC Week Online
November 1, 1999 1:00 PM ET

Corel Corp. announced today its first major Linux OEM alliance with PC Chips
Manufacturing Ltd.
Under the agreement, Corel's version of the Linux operating system will be
bundled on PC motherboards manufactured by PC Chips.
PC Chips, of Hong Kong, will also ship Corel's WordPerfect 8 office
productivity suite for Linux and WordPerfect 8 Suite OEM for Microsoft
Windows on separate, jointly labeled CDs with its motherboards.
Further, both companies will conduct a joint marketing campaign on Corel's
Web site that will bring additional services to all users of Corel software
and PC Chips computer products.
Corel, of Ottawa, Ontario, first showed Corel Linux at the LinuxWorld Expo
in August and will formally launch it at Comdex later this month in Las
Vegas. It is based on the Debian/GNU Linux distribution and contains the K
Desktop Environment, a Microsoft Windows-like user interface.
Cowpland: a 'great fit'
"This alliance gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with a
Linux OS that is easy to install and simple for all users to adapt to," said
Johnson Yang, chairman of PC Chips.
Michael Cowpland, president and CEO of Corel, called the bundling agreement
"a great fit for our Linux initiative."
PC Chips, which makes PC hardware, CD ROMs, floppy disk drives, modems,
graphic boards, monitors, cases and power supplies, shipped 15 million
motherboards in 1998 and expects to ship 20 million in 2000, company
officials said. The company delivers computers to more than 30 countries
around the world

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