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Re: Conferences and other events.

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.10.9908181924350.813-100000@hellburner>, 
t writes:
>There are a lot of conferences out there that do not have exhibits.  Do
>you (plural) think I should add them to /events anyway just for the
>enjoyment of Debian people or do you think I should keep /events to be
>activities in which debian is involved?

I would say include them... there are three categories I think:
- events in which debian _is_ involved
- events in which debian _would_like_ to be involved (but noones 
coordinating etc. yet, this was one of my main motives for getting the pages 
put together- so people could see what was coming and help coordinate)
- events in which debian does not take part (i.e. no booth offered etc., but 
still of interest to Debianites and the community).

Therefore IMO: leave 'em in... they don't hurt, and as long as we don't get 
hundreds of non-debian events I think its OK.


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