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Re: Slide show?

I don't know the source of this discussion, but since I have held a talk
about Debian using slides I'd like to add my blurb.  Please find the slides
I used at http://www.infodrom.north.de/~joey/Linux/LinuxTag/debian.ps.gz .
They're in German but since they contain of lists basically you should be
able to read them as well.

Robert Graham MERKEL wrote:
> Nils, I'd like to tackle putting together these slides.
> 1) Precisely what level am I pitching these slides at?  Can I mention the 
> word "kernel" without having to explain it, for instance?

This refers to details and to the knowledge the audience has.  Are they
managers?  Skip "kernel", they don't know.  Are there users or possible
users, well, use it.

> 2) Do you want notes to go with the slides, or will just slides do?

Depends on the complexity of the slides and the intention behind.  If
they are to be a basis for several talks held by "somebody" speaking
about Debian, please add notes.

> 3) Does it matter if the slides are prepared using non-free software?

Depends on the intention.  If they are just to fit your needs, you have
to decide.  If they are to help "anybody" or even be officially provided
by Debian, don't use software that doesn't fit our DFSG.  In that case
the source has to be present and people need to be able to modify them
to fit their needs.

> 4) What format would you like them in? 

For printing, .ps sounds good.  For online presentations with eeyes,
.png or .jpg sound proper.



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