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A few Ideas for banners

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Hi, I´m not currently subscribed to the mailing list because my yahoo inbox is almost bursting.	
I had an idea for web banners.
We see(read) a  hacker, business, home user, etc.(each with it´s own banner) on the telephone just turning down a great invitation because he wants/will be using Debian.
Because I could only do the line for 2 types of person, I´m putting them here hoping they inspire someone.

The Hacker

"Friday Night? I´m sorry Jane,
but I´ll be hacking away at my Debian Distro."

The Business men

"About a raise? No way boss,
 I´m working at my Debian GNU/Linux distribution
right now."

I think there should be 3/4 persons, each caracterizing one of the major uses of Linux.
I´m imagining these banners with no introduction. Just starting with the quote, black on white background, with faded logo behind word Debian, and eventually replacing the word.


P.S.-It´s sad the logo doesn´t show that Debian is a voluntary project, because that would prevent a lot of words. Perhaps creating a motto " 100% hacked by volunteers" or "Made in Internet" joking with the "Made in Asia" labels.

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