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minor error in sheets

Wichert writes:

> While making my own presentation the Linux Expo I noticed a slight error
> in the Joe Linux sheets: Debian did not began in 1995, but in 1994 as can
> be seen in /usr/doc/debian/debian-manifesto.

In fact debian began in the autumn of 1993 (I was there and I have attached
the first message I have in my personal archive to prove it :).

Best regards,

PS. See you at Linux Expo where I'll try to make it from Lyon before
the C1 conference.

PPS. Does anyone know if "member of Debian" qualifies for the discount?  If
yes, how does one prove it?  I will bring my pgp key ... but :)
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Thanks for your interest in the Debian project!  Basically, I'm going to keep
this short and to the point, so read on.

First of all, I'd like to request that all suggestions, contributions,
discussion, etc. be sent to this channel rather than to me personally.  After
all, everything sent to this channel will reach me *eventually*, and I'd like
for everyone interested to be able to read and respond to the above freely,
not just myself.  Remember, openness is what this project is all about.

A word about the organization of this project: due to the openness of its
development this effort could easily become a disorganized mess.  Therefore,
it will be necessary for someone to serve as the overall coordinator of the
project.  This someone will be me.  I will keep lists of who is working
on what, the status of individual projects and be the spokesperson for the
project (i.e., I will post about new releases to c.o.l.a., etc.) and the
integrator of new and updated packages into the release as a whole.  And
anything else necessary.  I don't want to say *too* much here, as I'd rather
see some discussion about how this might be done best.  Nothing will ever be
set in stone, by any means, so feel free to make suggestions regarding the
organization of this project in general.

I'd also like to get together several experts to serve as coordinators of
specific features of the release.  At present, I have someone to coordinate
the development of networking under Debian.  His name is Mike Belshe, and I
hope that he will say a word or two here within the next few days.  He is
very experienced with networking; in fact, that's what he does for a living.
I'm looking for people with similar experience with the following (which
I have no experience with, personally):
		UUCP/mail/news setup
		emacs (which I don't use, personally, but I hear
			that it's caught on rather nicely... :)

Some of the things that I'd like to see discussed here while everyone's
waiting for the first release ;)...

	Filesystem standards (i.e., /bin a symlink to /usr/bin? /sbin?
				blah blah blah...)
	Installation and package maintenance
	What features should eventually be implemented
	What software should eventually be included
	Anything at all that is important to you

Anyway, let's get some discussion started!  I'm really anxious to see this
work, and everyone needs to work together to make it happen.

Release is looking to be next week, but then again that's what I said last
week... :-/

One more thing: I'm going out-of-town for the weekend (to get away for a
few days :) so if you don't hear from me that's why.  Just keep the
discussion going! :)
Ian Murdock				Internet: imurdock@shell.portal.com
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I was contacted by Richard Stallman yesterday; he is interested in an FSF
distribution of a version of Linux and wanted to know if I was interested
in gearing Debian toward this objective.  I told him yes.  Feelings on
this?  I personally feel that Linux could only benefit through direct
association with the FSF, and I also feel (though this is obviously a
biased opinion) that Debian will soon be the best Linux distribution
available.  I'm hoping to be "done" by the end of the year.  When I say
"done", I am referring to a public release, though of course Debian will
continue to grow and improve with Linux so it will actually never be "done"
in the literal sense of the word.

Here is a question he posed to me, which I present in the hope that someone
has the time, resources and interest to pursue (of which I have neither the
time nor the resources :):

   Do you know anyone who might be interested in turning Linux into a
   Mach server?  That would make possible a self-contained Mach system,
   and it might not be a tremendous amount of work.

What is everyone's opinion on all of this?


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