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Re: [PROPOSED] Swap the "open" and "official" versions of the new logo

>Look, rather than put this kinda stuff to *vote*, which seems absurd
>and time consuming, why not have someone (maybe from debian-publicity,
>here CC'd) talk to Raul (he works with me) and lets work out some of
>the kinks:
> * ensure the swirl and the bottle build "common branding", so both
>   are recognizable as Debian
> * swap which is official, if need be...
> * ensure the official one is clearly official (needs some wording
>   perhaps?)
> * other details, such as working out version for 64x64 icons, etc
>   (Raul's a real photoshop wiz)
>I know that Raul is very excited his logo was chosen -- I'm sure he'd
>be happy to work with some sort of "authorized delegate" to iron out
>these issues.  BTW, he can be reached at onShore's main #,
>I like the idea that we have a voting system, but if we start using it
>for every little tiny thing, that's just going to inhibit getting to
>where we wanna go....

First, I want to thank everyone for their support and the opportunity to 
do this. I am very excited about being able to do something to help with 
the Debian effort.

I hope I am up to speed with this conversation. I had subscribed to the 
logo list but nothing ever came in. I must have missed a conformation 
email or something. Can you send me the URL again?

I think the idea of limiting these final decissions to debian-publicity 
is a good one.

I would like to make a list of what is required for now, so far:

* Gifs for downloading from the Debian site
* "Netscape Now" like buttons
* 64X64 icons (Can someone please elaborate on this one and please 
provide some samples)

Before I go ahead and make all these items I would like to see a final 
decission on which will be the official and general.

There will likely be a need for making new graphics for the site later on 
(I will be more than happy to assist with this to the extend you need me 
to) as well as other items (more than one person has expressed interest 
in artwork for t-shirts)

PS: I have put up some preliminary buttons at:


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