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Re: [PROPOSED] Swap the "open" and "official" versions of the new logo

 >  * other details, such as working out version for 64x64 icons, etc
 >    (Raul's a real photoshop wiz)
Could I put in a request, though it may be somewhat more difficult,
for a scalable outline version (in eps or similar format).

The Debian presentations that I've been working have large bitmaps of
the old logo, converted to EPS by the GIMP.  This makes the file
larger than it needs to be, and suffers from nasty aliasing when

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be asking for a vectorised logo 
- we'll need it for T-shirts, vendors may want it for CD packaging or
artwork, etc. etc.

Robert Merkel		rgmerk@mira.net


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